Modern Day Psalmist Nite

Today is the day that I would normally put on the Modern Day Psalmist Nite at A Shot Of Java coffeehouse, in Glendale, Arizona. In November 2010, the Lord confronted me reminding me of a vow that I made that summer to revive the Modern Day Psalmist Nite that was birthed in 1999.

The vision for Modern Day Psalmist was impressed upon me by the Spirit. He would show me all the talent that was sitting around me during Sunday services at Hallelujah Christian Fellowship) that the stage didn’t have room for. He told me that He had gifts in them that needed to be released and He invited me to participate with Him in getting them out. So that is how it originally started. I fought the thought, but after a few months I gave in and stopped at a secular coffee shop and pitched my event. Expecting the owner to reject a Christian event, I was shocked when I finished the pitch and without hesitation, he said, “Ok, so when can you do it?”  Three weeks later, with very little advertisement, we had a small stage set up in that shop and ten acts to perform.
MDPsalmist 1999 The performances included singers, poets, a blind comedian and his dog, and a drama ministry that did a small skit. It was packed inside and outside. The owner told me it was the largest live event hosted at his coffee shop.
Fast forward November 2010, and I am more concerned with finding a place for my daughter and I to live, and the Lord is asking me when I plan on getting on settling the vow I made in the summer. I prayed and fasted three days, and received an impression to do visit downtown Glendale since the Glendale Glitters Event and Festival was to commence within a few weeks. It was crazy because I didn’t have money to move, but I thought He was telling me to rent a location in downtown Glendale. After one downtown prayer walk, I decided to bring my friend Andy for encouragement. He had no idea why we were down there, but he was willing to hang out with me. And God is willing to use anything to move you to do His will. That anything was Andy’s appetite for coffee. Once he voiced his need for a cup of coffee, we suddenly stumbled upon a sandwich sign that directed us to A Shot Of Java which was almost a block away.
Needless to say, there was more in store than coffee. When we came into the shop there were only three patrons in there (one being Sean) and the Barbra Streisand look-a-like owner, Lisa Dowd. The coffee was excellent and so was her personality. So, I decided to privately interview her seeking to get information about the foot traffic, business, etc. One thing led to another and the Spirit impressed upon me to ask Lisa if I could pray with her. She obliged and three times we were interrupted by new patrons, until the coffee shop was packed. A few days later, the Lord spoke to me telling me that it was Lisa’s shop that would host the Modern Day Psalmist Nite. And almost identical to the experience in 1999, the calendar went out and in spite of another act already booked, she erased it, and put us on.

The Lord showed me that the vision of Modern Day Psalmist Nite had shifted. It was not about the people with the gift. It was now about bringing the presence of the Lord to those who were not expecting the gift. Sure these people would be at a city block party event celebrating the holiday season, but they weren’t celebrating Jesus. So, He prepared a small place, like a manger, in the midst of a large event to host His gift. On December 18, 2010, MDP Nite presented eight ministry acts (singers, band, rapper, mime, and spoken word). Along with this incredible cast, we were joined by prophetic art ministry of Richard and Mary Ann Hopkins, Karlene and Mye Walen.

To read the testimony of that night, click  here:

The Message of God’s Love & The Witness of His Tangible Presence

From 2010 to 2012, four Modern Day Psalmist Nites have been put on. Each event has been challenged by weather conditions that could have either cancelled or negatively impacted the response. Each challenge was met by prayer in which divine grace brought about a supernatural change in the weather (James 5:17). The testimonies are many. The fellowship and experience has been great. The MDP Nites in December were the birthday gifts I asked from the Lord. I would never give them back.

In conclusion, I want to thank everyone who participated, prayed, and supported the events.

Modern Day Psalmists:

Jeanette Montenegro, Claresa Bray, Preston Dobbins, Paul & Renee Smith + worship band, Ricky Peralta, Carmen Coleman, Marshelle Coleman, Vassiea Hurt, Belinda Hurt, Joseph Ramirez, Jeremiah Ramirez, Tina Estes, Terri Salazar, Suzan Porter, Tamara Skinner, Maria Mcle, Yule Degante, Susana(10) years old and Frida (10) years old, Rylan Black, Sam Opoku

Much love and appreciation goes out to Steve Moser, friend and sound engineer, for his dedication and talent.  He truly has a servant’s heart.  Rod Dale, Kouami Afanou and Linda Beaver are the supporters that are a must.  Special thanks to Eva Orloske.  She’s a quality intercessor every ministry needs.

Strangely enough, I have had several failed attempts to capture video of the events except for one time.  And this one time was done with my phone cam and not the video cams that we used. Hmmm… At the time, I opted to not release the video because the song used in this performance was not released yet.  I pray that as you view the clip you are able to feel what we felt that night.

God bless and Merry Christmas,

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